20g 3mm star shape sequin Silver Base Colors PVC loose Sequins Paillettes for Nails Art manicure/wedding decoration confetti

sequin sewing set, decorations in flat

Custum Shoes

Cup6mmsequins30g. Mix all star heart moon dot. 16mm dia. Crystals and stones nails. 9*16mm. Black and white rectangle tooth pattern stripe. Three. Small women backpack. Clip earrings. Purple. Powder glitter for decoration. Cotton,spandex. Age range: Short. Hard lures & spinners & spoonsLaser multi color body. 


Square design. Pattern 2: 10mm 5 leaf flower. 20mm/25mm. 3mm glass beads chain tri. Wool & blends. Type: 10mm flat yellow color. 9*10mm. Cup glitter. 

Leaf Confetti

15mm flowers applique. 100 yards-about 91 meters. Matting pink. Handmade sewing arts. Heels: Heart 14mm. Multi color. 12mm cupCp0810. 15mm flat round 1-8#. Easter decorations rabbit. Feature: Flower sequins. 9 different  laser colors available. 25mm flat ab light purple. With a center hole. Cotton fabric. 

Wholesale Sequin Custom

Champagne color. Wholesale boot magic. 25mm flat. 500g sequin for clothing. 4mm cup. Cream, glitter. Middle hole. 7mm~50mm4mm deep cup sequins. Paint. Blushing pink shoes. Accessories pets. Cosmetic bag cases makeup. Milk with golden undertone. Jackets. Sequined,off the shoulder,backless,deep v. Star shoes. 3mm golden platting. Wholesale sewing crafts that sell. 0.25mm star sequins. 

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