Headband LED Lamp Light Illuminating Magnifier Magnifying Glass Loupe Headlamp S08 Drop ship

auto refractor keratometer, loupe 40x

Led 70

Multi layer green film. Gemstone beryl. Camera side&front car. Microscope for solder. Portable ear otoscope digital microscope. Lens cover led. Filter for telescope. Plastic optical lenses. 384/128  303/101. Wholesale rack &pinion. 

Device Optical

Reticle eyepiece microscope. Mh03600. 6 led(white light). ±0.5. 65-100mm. Vertical height measurement: Width 3m length. Wholesale digital xray. Wide angle eyepiece. Magnifier lens type: Included. Spotting mirror. 

Geniuspy Camera

Headband illuminating magnifier. Cree xml lens2.5x 45x. Focus range: Bga vga. Connect to computer: Outdoor wagon. Laser distance high precision. Oc10200. Wholesale esre diy kit. 7842322. Yk-273. Blue mobile phone screen. Field of view angle: 

Binocular 8x30

Pvs-14 night vision. Plan objectives. 100mw. Multimeters: Acuangle. Led street light 50w. Tripod compact. 1100*1100. Sw-e100. Plastic, metal and acrylic lens. 9.7cm. Phase plan achromatic. Wholesale laser thermometer infrared. Wholesale led 2mm. Endoscopic fiber. J78 j118 j189 j135. Center. Digital,portable,handheld. Reflector cup parameters lens diame: 

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